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Windows Testing Using Kitchen Chef

Kitchen-Vagrant has the capability to spin up a windows instance for testing. To make it work you will need the vagrant-winrm to be installted on the workstation.

Written on September 30, 2016
windows ubuntu chef kitchen testing

Package Installer for Cygwin [apt-cyg].

After a longtime I was on my windows machine and had to make it feel more like my linux machine. So install the thing what everyone else does cygwin. Surpise my custom .bashrc and .vimrc worked without any issues. Good !! had the bashrc update vimrc update, we are back to linux .. like :)

Written on September 29, 2016
linux windows cygwin

Bootstrap Windows - knife-windows - Chef

knife-windows plugin adds additional functionality to the Chef Knife CLI tool for configuring / interacting with nodes running Microsoft Windows.

Written on September 1, 2016
windows chef chef-client

Update hosts file in Windows 8

Host file contains IP followed by the FQDN which can be used to reach that IP address. Host file takes precedence over your DNS servers. In Microsoft operating systems, the HOSTS file is located in the following location: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc

Written on August 15, 2016

Creating a large file in Windows / Linux

Was working on a monitoring project, need to create a large file to test notifications. Here is how we can do that.

Written on August 11, 2016
centos windows

Chef Workstation Setup on Windows Machine.

The Chef Development Kit (ChefDK) brings the best-of-breed development tools built by the awesome Chef community to your workstation with just a few clicks. Download your package and start coding Chef in seconds.

Written on June 9, 2016
windows chef chefdk

VMware Workstation 10 Error `Not enough physical memory is available to power this virtual machine`

If you are using VMWare Workstation (or VMWare player) on Windows 8.1 and have just update Windows, specifically KB2995388, you may receive this error message when attempt to start a virtual machine.

Written on February 11, 2015
windows vmware error virtual-machine