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Windows Testing Using Kitchen Chef

Kitchen-Vagrant has the capability to spin up a windows instance for testing. To make it work you will need the vagrant-winrm to be installted on the workstation.

Written on September 30, 2016
windows ubuntu chef kitchen testing

Issues - Monitoring MongoDB using Nagios XI.

Monitoring for mongodb using nagiosxi is straight forword but you might have some issues when we are setting up. Here are few issues which might come up using mongodb version 3.

Written on September 15, 2016
linux mongo mongodb ubuntu nagios nagiosxi

Installing CouchDB on Ubuntu 14 LTS.

CouchDB is a database that completely embraces the web. Store your data with JSON documents. Access your documents and query your indexes with your web browser, via HTTP. Index, combine, and transform your documents with JavaScript. CouchDB works well with modern web and mobile apps. You can even serve web apps directly out of CouchDB. And you can distribute your data, or your apps, efficiently using CouchDB’s incremental replication. CouchDB supports master-master setups with automatic conflict detection.

Written on September 15, 2016
linux couchdb ubuntu nagios

Installing MongoDB on Ubuntu 14 LTS.

MongoDB is an open-source document database, and leading NoSQL database. MongoDB is written in c++. Below is a brief document about installing a mongodb on a test node to try it out.

Written on September 14, 2016
linux mongo mongodb ubuntu nagios

Encrypted Data Bags - Chef

Data Bags are a way to store information on the chef-server which all the cookbooks can access. Few more additional advantages are that we can encrypt the data-bags as well, this will help in keeping any sensitive information like user/password.

Written on September 6, 2016
chef linux ubuntu centos kitchen

Remove Old Files using find Command

GNU find searches the directory tree rooted at each given file name by evaluating the given expression from left to right, according to the rules of precedence, until the outcome is known (the left hand side is false for and operations, true for or), at which point find moves on to the next file name. Remove old files which are older than a specific time using find Command.

Written on August 23, 2016
ubuntu centos linux commands

Moving RRD file from 32bit to 64bit Architecture

When we were working on a nagios monitoring system we were migrating from a 32bit nagios to a 64bit Architecture. Most of the graphs are not working as the RRD was from an older 32bit architecture.

Written on August 22, 2016
ubuntu centos linux rrd nagios

Setting you Hbase Cluster on Hadoop (YARN). Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

HBase is an open source, non-relational, distributed database modeled after Google’s BigTable and written in Java. It is developed as part of Apache Software Foundation’s Apache Hadoop project and runs on top of HDFS (Hadoop Distributed Filesystem), providing BigTable-like capabilities for Hadoop. That is, it provides a fault-tolerant way of storing large quantities of sparse data (small amounts of information caught within a large collection of empty or unimportant data, such as finding the 50 largest items in a group of 2 billion records, or finding the non-zero items representing less than 0.1% of a huge collection).

Written on February 13, 2015
hadoop hbase linux ubuntu yarn

Unable to locate package oracle-java7-installer - Ubuntu 13

Was installing Java today, this is an easy install thanks to ppa:webupd8team/java, but when I tried it was not working, but has worked for me all this while.

Written on February 11, 2015
linux ubuntu java jdk

Changing Timezone in Ubuntu server.

Changing Timezone in Ubuntu server.

Written on January 29, 2015
linux ubuntu timezone

Setting SUN Java for Ubuntu.

The Java Development Kit (JDK) is an implementation of either one of the Java SE, Java EE or Java ME platforms released by Oracle Corporation in the form of a binary product aimed at Java developers on Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X or Windows. This is currently not avaiable on apt-get repo, so here is quick way to setup java on ubuntu server/desktop with tar ball.

Written on January 27, 2015
linux install-java java ubuntu jdk