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Zabbix Installation Script on Centos/Redhat 6.x

Installation on zabbix is quit simple and straight forward, but when you are install multiple servers and want to automate installation it is better to use a script. I would have preferred an ansible setup, but we have non of that on the server, so had to make do with good old shell script.

Written on January 6, 2016
zabbix snmp trap centos linux install online nagios monitoring

Zabbix Database Backup Script for `postgres` and `mysql`.

After the zabbix setup is done, we would like to take backup of the database. Here we are doing a complete backup. But if we are looking for only configuration backup then we can ignore the history* tables from the database, but for now we are taking complete backup. Backups are taken everyday and last 3 days backups are stored and rest for removed.

Written on January 6, 2016
zabbix snmp trap centos linux backup mysql postgres nagios monitoring

Installing Zabbix Version 2.4 Offline (Zabbix Server without Internet).

There might be situations where you have a remote/zabbix server which does not have internet connectivity, due to security or other reasons. So we create a custom repo on the remote/zabbix server so that we can install zabbix using rpms

Written on December 29, 2015
zabbix snmp trap centos linux offline nagios monitoring

Zabbix Template Creation using CSV file.

In zabbix we dont have a better way to capture snmptraps. we have to manually create an item and corresponfding trigger to handle a trap arriving from the device.

Written on December 10, 2015
zabbix snmp trap centos linux offline nagios monitoring

Installing SNMP Builder using `zabbix-extra` on Zabbix Version 2.4.

SNMP Builder/Extra is an add-in for Zabbix. It provides new web interface components to browse MIB trees and values. SNMP OIDs can then be automatically converted into Zabbix items and inserted into a template. The underlying snmpbuilder script uses calls to NetSNMP in order to communicate with devices on the network.

Written on December 9, 2015
zabbix snmp trap centos linux nagios monitoring

Setting up SNMP Trapper for Zabbix.

Receiving SNMP traps is the opposite to querying SNMP-enabled devices. In this case the information is sent from a SNMP-enabled device and is collected or “trapped” by Zabbix. Usually traps are sent upon some condition change and the agent connects to the server on port 162 (as opposed to port 161 on the agent side that is used for queries). Using traps may detect some short problems that occur amidst the query interval and may be missed by the query data.

Written on December 3, 2015
zabbix snmp trap centos linux