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Kafka Kerberos Enable and Testing.

Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform. Kafka 2.0 supports Kerberos authentication, Enabling Kerberos Authentication Using the Wizard on cloudera manager. Courtesy - Apache Kafka

Written on May 16, 2017
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Enable Kerberos Using Cloudera API.

Python API for cloudera is really nice, apart from getting the cluster setup, we can also do configuration and automation. We use a lot of automation using Chef/Ansible, but cloudera API give more control over the cluster.

Written on February 26, 2017
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Getting started with Hive with Kerberos.

Apache Hive is a powerful data warehousing application built on top of Hadoop; it enables you to access your data using Hive QL, a language that is similar to SQL. Install Hive on your client machine(s) from which you submit jobs; you do not need to install it on the nodes in your Hadoop cluster. If Kerberos authentication is used, authentication is supported between the Thrift client and HiveServer2, and between HiveServer2 and secure HDFS.

Written on October 20, 2015
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No valid credentials provided Mechanism level Failed to find any Kerberos tgt

We have 2 domains forests in our environment, ABC and XYZ. We were not able to authenticate normal users from either of the domains. Most of the information is there on the Cloudera Website. You might want to check on the site first, if you see any thing similar.

Written on October 6, 2015
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