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Creating /etc/hosts file in Chef.

We had a cluster environment which we needed to update the /etc/hosts file. Which would help communicate between the server over a private network. Our servers have multiple interfaces and we need them to communicate between each other using the private network.

Written on March 3, 2017
linux centos redhat chef hadoop cluster

Windows Testing Using Kitchen Chef

Kitchen-Vagrant has the capability to spin up a windows instance for testing. To make it work you will need the vagrant-winrm to be installted on the workstation.

Written on September 30, 2016
windows ubuntu chef kitchen testing

Encrypted Data Bags - Chef

Data Bags are a way to store information on the chef-server which all the cookbooks can access. Few more additional advantages are that we can encrypt the data-bags as well, this will help in keeping any sensitive information like user/password.

Written on September 6, 2016
chef linux ubuntu centos kitchen

Bootstrap Windows - knife-windows - Chef

knife-windows plugin adds additional functionality to the Chef Knife CLI tool for configuring / interacting with nodes running Microsoft Windows.

Written on September 1, 2016
windows chef chef-client

Standalone Chef Server / Workstation / Client Setup on CentOS 6

The standalone installation of Chef server creates a working installation on a single server. This installation is also useful when you are installing Chef server in a virtual machine, for proof-of-concept deployments, or as a part of a development or testing loop.

Written on August 16, 2016
centos linux chef chefdk

Cloudera Manager Setup Using Chef [CentOS 6.6]

This cookbook [currently as of now] can be used to setup a Cloudera Manager Server (Management Server) running on MySQL database. But the intended use for this cookbook [rather a wishlist] is to do more. Simply put Auto Deployment of a Cloudera Hadoop Cluster using Chef, Python and Cloudera API. This will help create cluster for a development/test/preproduction/production environment on a click of a button.

Written on June 24, 2016
centos chef chefdk cloudera-manager cdh

Chef Workstation Setup on Windows Machine.

The Chef Development Kit (ChefDK) brings the best-of-breed development tools built by the awesome Chef community to your workstation with just a few clicks. Download your package and start coding Chef in seconds.

Written on June 9, 2016
windows chef chefdk