Ansible Playbook - Setup Storm Cluster.

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linux ansible storm hadoop zookeeper

This is a simple Storm Cluster Setup. We are using a dedicated Zookeeper Cluster/Node, instead of the standalone zkserver. Below is how we will deploy our cluster.

                        / ---- supervisor01
Nimbus[nimbus and ui]----- 
                        \ ---- supervisor02

Before we start.

Download apache-storm-0.9.4.tar.gz to file_archives directory.

Download zookeeper-3.4.5-cdh5.1.2.tar.gz to file_archives directory.

Download jdk-7u75-linux-x64.tar.gz to file_archives directory.

Get the script from Github.

Below is the command to clone.

ahmed@ahmed-server ~]$ git clone

Step 1: Update Hosts File.

Update the host file to reflect your server IPs. Currently hosts file looks as below.

[zookeepernodes] zookeeper_id=1 zookeeper_id=2 zookeeper_id=3

#  storm cluster




Step 2: Update group_vars information as required.

Update users/password and Directory information in group_vars/all file. Currently we have the below information.

#  --------------------------------------
#  USERs
#  --------------------------------------

#  password below for all the users is `hdadmin@123`
zookeeper_user: zkadmin
zookeeper_group: zkadmin
zookeeper_password: <encrypted_password_here>

storm_user: stormadmin
storm_group: stormadmin
storm_password: <encrypted_password_here>

#  --------------------------------------
#  STORM Variables
#  --------------------------------------

storm_local_dir: /data/ansible/storm
storm_log_dir: /data/ansible/storm_logging

#  --------------------------------------
#  --------------------------------------

#  Common Location information.
  install_base_path: /usr/local
  soft_link_base_path: /opt

Password can be generated using the below python snippet.

#  Password Generated using python command below.
python -c "from passlib.hash import sha512_crypt; \
                        import getpass; print sha512_crypt.encrypt(getpass.getpass())"

Here is the execution. After entering the password you will get the encrypted password which can be used in the user creation.

ahmed@ahmed-server ~]$ python -c "from passlib.hash \
                        import sha512_crypt; import getpass; \
                        print sha512_crypt.encrypt(getpass.getpass())"
Enter Password: *******
ahmed@ahmed-server ~]$

Step 3: Update default information in roles/<install_role>/default/main.yml.

Update the default values if required.

Step 4: Executing.

Below is the command.

ahmed@ahmed-server ansible_kafka_tarball]$ ansible-playbook ansible_storm.yml -i hosts --ask-pass
Written on June 16, 2015