Moving RRD file from 32bit to 64bit Architecture

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ubuntu centos linux rrd nagios

When we were working on a nagios monitoring system we were migrating from a 32bit nagios to a 64bit Architecture. Most of the graphs are not working as the RRD was from an older 32bit architecture.

Location of perfdata on nagios server.

[root@nagios-server perfdata]# pwd

Error when we load the graph.

ERROR: This RRD was created on another architecture

This can re solved by converting the exsisting 32bit RRD to XML and then restoring into the new 64bit Architecture.

Creating a dump of the rrd file.

rrdtool dump stats.rrd > stats.xml

Move the XML file to the new server (64bit)

Restore the XML file back.

rrdtool restore -f stats.xml stats.rrd

Testing if the RRD file is create fine, use below command.

rrdtool info stats.rrd

Now you should be able to see all the graphs on the server.

Written on August 22, 2016