NodeJS Kafka Producer - Using `kafka-node`

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Now that we have Kafka and NodeJS ready. Lets some data to our Kafka Cluster.

Below is a basic producer code.

below are the Server Details.

  1. nodejs is the nodejs server.
  2. kafka is the kafka server (single node).

Step 1: Copy the below script in a file called producer_nodejs.js.

	Basic producer to send data to kafka from nodejs.
	More Information Here :
//	Using kafka-node - really nice library
//	create a producer and connect to a Zookeeper to send the payloads.
var kafka = require('kafka-node'),
    Producer = kafka.Producer,
    client = new kafka.Client('kafka:2181'),
    producer = new Producer(client);

		Creating a payload, which takes below information
		'topic' 	-->	this is the topic we have created in kafka. (test)
		'messages' 	-->	data which needs to be sent to kafka. (JSON in our case)
		'partition' -->	which partition should we send the request to. (default)
						example command to create a topic in kafka: 
						[kafka@kafka kafka]$ bin/ \
									--create --zookeeper localhost:2181 \
									--replication-factor 1 \
									--partitions 1 \
									--topic test
						If there are multiple partition, then we optimize the code here,
						so that we send request to different partitions. 
	payloads = [
        { topic: 'test', messages: 'This is the First Message I am sending', partition: 0 },

//	producer 'on' ready to send payload to kafka.
producer.on('ready', function(){
	producer.send(payloads, function(err, data){

producer.on('error', function(err){}

Step 2 : Start the kafka cluster as we already did in Installation of Kafka. Assuming topic as test

Step 3 : Start the consumer service as in the below command.

[kafka-admin@kafka kafka]$ bin/ --zookeeper localhost:2181 \
                                                                    --topic test --from-beginning

Step 4 : Execute below command. This will send This is the First Message I am sending Message to the Kafka consumer.

[nodejs-admin@nodejs nodejs]$ node producer_nodejs.js

Step 5 : Check on the consumer you will see the message sent from nodejs.

[kafka-admin@kafka kafka]$ bin/ --zookeeper localhost:2181 \
                                                                  --topic test --from-beginning
This is a message
This is another message here 
This is the First Message I am sending
Written on February 6, 2015